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Boronia is located 32km east of the Melbourne CBD, within the City of Knox and at the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. It is a leafy residential suburb with a well-serviced town centre supporting a mix of different uses, including an excellent network of health and community services and a growing number of knowledge intensive businesses. Boronia’s liveability and relative affordability have attracted a growing number of families and new residents.

The State Government has identified Boronia as a priority suburb to revitalise in order to leverage local growth, enhance local economic activity and diversity and provide more local jobs that match the community’s skills. A place-based approach to revitalisation in Boronia will specifically seek to:

  • Promote Boronia’s location at the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges and that it is a great place to live
  • Become a strong local centre with a village feel
  • Enliven underutilised spaces into community/civic meeting places
  • Enhance local amenity and connections throughout the centre to showcase all that Boronia has to offer
  • Supporting community connectedness

Photo of local shopping strip in Boronia

Boronia Revitalisation Board

Established in 2021, the Board provides a local voice to the Victorian Government's Suburban Revitalisation program, working with local communities to identify opportunities for locally-led projects to make Boronia thrive.

Questions, ideas and feedback for the Board are encouraged and welcome. You can get in touch with the Board by emailing

Photo of Jackson Taylor MP smiling to the cameraJackson Taylor MP is the proud local member for the Bayswater District after being elected in 2018. Jackson worked as a frontline police officer and prosecutor immediately before being elected, as well as being a local Knox City Councillor and Deputy Mayor. Jackson’s priorities have been shaped by his personal experiences in his childhood and he’s passionate about getting things done.

Photo of Cr Lisa CooperCr Cooper was elected Mayor of Knox City Council in November 2020. Cr Cooper was first elected to Council in 2015, representing Scott Ward. She is a long-standing resident of Knox and has a background in financial services as well as holding a Bachelor of Psychological Science.

Photo of Mel SpencerMel Spencer is the co-founder and Executive Officer of Different Journeys which provides peer support and social connections for autistic individuals and their families.

She is a passionate advocate for ensuring that the voice of hidden disabilities are given considerations.

Photo of Denise BudgeWith more than 30 years of community sector management in the consumer, tenancy, legal and now the welfare sector, Denise brings a broad knowledge and understanding of the community sector, partnership development and project management.   Denise is passionate about her local community in Knox where she has lived for 30 years, and in particular Boronia, where she leads a team of staff and 20 + volunteers that work tirelessly to ensure those without a voice are heard, respected and treated with fairness and dignity while addressing and advocating for their needs.

Denise is honoured to have the opportunity to serve her community on the Boronia Revitalisation Board and is looking forward to being part of the revitalisation of Boronia.

Photo of Michael SmithMichael Smith is the CEO of Eastern Community Legal Centre (ECLC) and has been leading the organisation since 2004.

In this time, the service has grown and developed to better serve the region’s communities with strategic priorities of addressing family violence, seniors’ rights, cultural diversity and young people, as well as developing partnerships in these areas.

Photo of Heather McTaggartHeather has a strong commitment to social justice and equality.  She strives to create active and inclusive communities in Boronia and The Basin.

Photo of Fiona PurcellFiona has worked in the education sector and is passionate about engaging young people in education, training or employment.  She is the current CEO of the Outer Eastern Local Learning and Employment Network (OELLEN). OELLEN develops partnerships between education, industry and the local community to assist students to make a successful and engaging transition from secondary schooling to post school options.

Photo of Steve WojtkiwSteven is a member of the Eastern Metropolitan Partnership. He has an extensive background representing business interests, having worked previously in senior managerial roles with the Victorian Chamber of Commerce, Australian Industry Group and Australian National Line (ANL). Steven holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from Monash University.

Photo of Debbie McLaughlinDebbie McLaughlin has extensive experience working in the Community Services Sector with both Government and Non-Government organisations. Previous employees have included the Victorian Government Department of Human Services, working as a Child Youth and Family Services Worker before moving onto Swinburne University of Technology in 2006. Since being at Swinburne, Debbie has worked across many areas including VCAL and Community Services where she is the A/Director Department of Health, Science and Community.

Photo of Debbie WilkinsonDebbie is a professional qualified Registered Nurse and an accomplished manager and leader with over 25 years extensive experience in community, primary, sub-acute, aged care and disability services, currently holding the role as Operations Director at each for the Northern  and Eastern Regions.

Photo of Majella BeagleyMajella Beagley is the Business Practice Manager for Boronia Medical Centre and Boronia Psychology and also a Company Director of Cypress Health Specialist Centre.

In these roles, Majella oversees all aspects of business development and day to day management of these 3 practices.

She is a member of The Australian Association of Practice Managers (AAPM) and was a finalist in the Victorian Practice Manager of the year in 2016. In 2020 she was recipient of the AAPM scholarship for Victoria.

Photo of cars driving through Boronia

Projects funded in Boronia

The Boronia Big Flix Festival will deliver three drive-in movie nights, featuring food trucks, atmospheric lighting, furnishings, amenities and children’s activities. Local traders will have an opportunity to be involved by offering takeaway food and local suppliers will be sought for event management, production, infrastructure and amenity supply.  Expected outcomes include increased activity and vitality in the activity centre, community ownership and pride in the event, as well as support for local businesses and suppliers.

The Suburban Revitalisation program is providing $80,000 in funding for the project and it's anticipated to be completed in early 2022.

A program with two rounds of grants where businesses in the Boronia Activity Centre can apply for a co-contribution grant of up to $5,000, to increase the visual appeal of Boronia shopfronts and general amenity of the activity centre.

The project and the resulting shopfronts will address a number of local issues regarding the look and feel of the Boronia Activity Centre and contribute to the beautification of the area, enhance amenity and perceptions of safety, increase patronage and visitation and reduce graffiti.

The Suburban Revitalisation Program is providing $50,000 in funding for the first round, which is anticipated to be completed in late 2021. An additional $100,000 in funding will be provided for the second round, which will be completed in early 2022.

The first stage of streetscape renewal works along Erica Avenue will include improving the physical amenity of the street through landscaping, street furniture and paving. The works undertaken along Erica Avenue between Boronia Road and Orchid Avenue will also enhance pedestrian and cyclist accessibility and create a more vibrant and pleasant public realm.

The Suburban Revitalisation program is providing $110,000 in funding for the project and it's anticipated to be completed in early 2022.

Pop-up events spaces will be created in Dorset Square and at Dorset Road, with a program of events over a number of weekends, including a series of activities for children and families. The project will activate public spaces, increase visitation and foster community involvement.

The Suburban Revitalisation program is providing $200,000 in funding for the project and it's anticipated to be completed in mid-2022.

478 energy inefficient lights will be upgraded to LED lights on major roads in Boronia, including the main roads within the commercial core and activity centre. This will address local concerns of poor amenity and perceptions of safety after dark, which was cited in the draft Boronia Renewal Strategy.

The Suburban Revitalisation program is providing $100,000 in funding for the project and it's anticipated to be completed in mid-2022.

A Wayfinding and Branding Strategy will be developed to address issues with movement and connectivity in the Boronia Activity Centre. When implemented, the primary aim of the strategy will be to identify and encourage walking and cycling by displaying travel times and distances between key services and destinations. These works will improve connections, as well as encouraging and supporting active transit.

The Suburban Revitalisation program is providing $60,000 in funding for the project and it's anticipated to be completed in early 2022.

The project will commission 3 large-scale murals on sites in Boronia. The sites will be confirmed subject to successfully working with property owners. These murals will benefit local residents, traders, and visitors of Boronia. Murals not only improve the local aesthetic but are proven to be effective in preventing graffiti and increasing the community's perception of safety.

The Suburban Revitalisation program is providing $150,000 in funding for the project and it's anticipated to be completed in early 2022.

Concept designs for the Green Spine Corridor along Genista Avenue, Chandler Road and part of Tormore Reserve will be developed. This work responds to a key priority in the Boronia Renewal Strategy and following the subsequent detailed design stage, will support the delivery of active transport connections and enhanced sustainable travel infrastructure for locals.

The Suburban Revitalisation program is providing $120,000 in funding for the project and it's anticipated to be completed in early 2022.

A new shared zone will be created in Lupton Way to prioritise pedestrian movement and improve connectivity. Public art that acts as lighting will also be installed.

The Suburban Revitalisation program is providing $250,000 in funding for the project and it's anticipated to be completed in early 2022.

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