Succesful recipients of 2024-25 Tiny Towns funding

Panton Hill

The project will include the installation of a new audio, video and lighting system at the Panton Hill Hall. The upgrades will increase use of a space where community members gather, socialise, and celebrate.

Badger Creek

The project will refurbish and upgrade the Badger Creek Hall by upgrading the internal lighting and fans, and installing carpark lighting to provide improved safety and security. This project will enhance community cohesion and build greater community connection.

Blind Bight

The project will install new blackout and sheer blinds to the Blind Bight Community Centre hall, replacing the old curtains. The hall is used as a multi-purpose space for the community including childcare, playgroup, dance classes, exercise classes, fundraising and social events, recreational seniors, and childrens activities.


The project will deliver a playground for the wider community and younger families in Bunyip and surrounds.


The project will renew the play space at Greenland Court Reserve in Garfield with modern play equipment and seating to provide a better experience for children of all ages, and their caregivers.

Lang Lang

The project will develop, design, construct and install a signature public artwork in Lang Lang. The public artwork will be inspired by Lang Lang's rich culture and diverse people with the intention of significantly increasing visitation to the town and stimulating economic growth. The project will culminate with a community co-designed celebration event bringing residents together to enjoy their collective achievement.


The project will beautify the amenity of local streets and improve public open spaces including parks in Tooradin through the planting of 225 trees across 6 reserves, 1 community centre and 8 streets. The funding will be used for the purchase of tree stock, site preparation, planting, installation of stakes and water wells, mulching and establishment maintenance of trees for 2 years.


The project will provide an enhanced play space including all-abilities access and play equipment, including sensory items and nature play space/equipment. The playground will benefit the community of Warneet and promote visitation.


The project will deliver asphalting works surrounding the Olinda Reserve Social Rooms. The area is currently uneven, rutted, and dangerous. The rooms serve the biggest community organisations in the area and will also be used as an Emergency Centre during bushfires, storms or other disasters. The popular Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens are next door and the area also functions as an official overflow car park for this tourist destination.


The project will upgrade the fit-out of the existing kitchen in a space currently used as a community meeting place for the Bunyip community. This project will provide the community with a facility catering for all user groups.


The project will deliver essential maintenance and refurbishments to the historic Kallista Mechanics Hall to facilitate ongoing use by the community. Refurbishments will include kitchen and bathroom upgrades, painting, safety and accessibility improvements.

Koo Wee Rup

The project will deliver a mural in the Koo Wee Rup town centre opposite the railway station. The mural will feature a train, a representation of the old station and reproduce classic photos of trucks lined up to deliver potatoes. The mural will boost community pride and visitor numbers.


The project will revitalise the Yarra River Reserve in Millgrove by developing a land management master plan to incorporate weed control and conservation training program for targeted Millgrove residents. The project will also install interpretive signage and conduct community wide working bees, embracing community cohesion and enhancing community public spaces.


The project will deliver a modern and upgraded amenity block with all-abilities access to service the Bittern community and its visitors.


The project will install a permanent shade over the outdoor courtyard of the Hurstbridge Community Hub, making it a more functional, accessible and inclusive space for all members of the public to use year-round.


This project will provide additional workshop space to include equipment to support new activities at the Mens Shed, avoiding unnecessary and potentially unsafe overcrowding in the existing facility.


The project will remove worn-out and unsafe tennis court surfaces and replace them with new surfaces. The new court surfaces will encourage and welcome everyone to use the facilities to play sport, socialise and enjoy the country feel of Research.


The project will include the purchase and installation of acoustic panels in the main hall area to provide a more comfortable gathering space and better audio clarity. This will encourage more residents to take part in events and enjoy being part of the Strathewen community.


The project will revitalise and rejuvenate an outdoor area. A steel gazebo will be installed to provide shelter, and landscape works with native planting will improve the aesthetics of the community space in Tonimbuk.


The project will deliver infrastructure improvements and building upgrades including bi-fold doors, outdoor seating and shade options to increase use of the facility by people of all abilities at the Warburton Bowls Club. The upgrades will increase community participation and inclusion.

French Island

The project will create informative, visually striking signage to reveal the island's treasures. Together with the French Island community, Landcare, and Parks Victoria, the signage will highlight the island's ecology, history, and landmarks. This will foster community pride and engagement, whilst promoting and encouraging responsible tourism practices.


The project will deliver and install 2 new drinking fountains and 2 bicycle repair stands to supplement existing bike racks and picnic areas in 2 main public areas in Blairgowrie.  The old, non-serviceable picnic tables will be replaced with new all-accessible picnic tables for local community members and visitors to enjoy.

Little River

The project will deliver a Youth Shed (container with an awning) including power connection, internal fit out, furniture and equipment as well as a mural, plantings and outdoor seating. The Youth Shed will be located near the basketball court and skatepark at Possy Newland Reserve in Little River. It will be a space that the Youth Services team and other stakeholders will be able to use to engage young people through sport and recreation in the region.

Page last updated: 02/07/24