Over the next 35 years Melbourne is projected to become Australia’s largest city, with its population expected to almost double. A key challenge will be ensuring the suburbs have the infrastructure and services they need for a liveable and sustainable future.

Our vision is that all of Melbourne’s residents will have affordable and reliable access to jobs, services and infrastructure, no matter where they live.

Suburban Development is about coordinating development activities in metropolitan Melbourne across all relevant departments and agencies, to add value and complement work already underway, remove duplication, address gaps and achieve positive outcomes for local communities.

Part of this effort is facilitating increased collaboration at the regional level. The established six Metropolitan Partnerships bring together experts and leaders from all levels of government, business and the community to identify and progress issues that matter in their region. Their collective advice will provide government with rich insights on the delivery of projects, programs and services that better meet the specific needs of their communities.

To support the Metropolitan Partnership conversations, the government have produced initial Five Year Plans for Jobs, Services and Infrastructure for each of the six metropolitan regions. These plans will be updated every year to incorporate the Metropolitan Partnership’s advice and the Government’s response to that advice.

Download  a copy of the Suburban Development policy statement here.

Melbourne’s Metropolitan Regions

The government has identified six metropolitan regions within Melbourne – Inner Metro, Inner South-east, Western, Northern, Eastern and Southern. Within these regions the government will work with local government, industry and community leaders to develop long-term plans to attract investment, create jobs, and improve liveability and community resilience.

To find out more about your region, click on the map below.

Warburton Healesville Lilydale EASTERN Werribee Melton WESTERN INNER SOUTH EAST Melbourne INNER METRO Rosebud Dandenong Frankston SOUTHERN Sunbury Whittlesea NORTHERN