The Office for Suburban Development drives the suburban policy agenda for the Victorian Government, through our Metropolitan Partnerships and Suburban Revitalisation Programs. We engage with local stakeholders and communities to identify their needs and aspirations, and deliver projects to improve local community involvement, infrastructure and services.

Our work begins with understanding places and people, and leads to local action.

We collaborate with business and community leaders, service providers, local government and other government departments to:

  • identify what communities need to improve local living
  • develop solutions to meet those needs
  • facilitate on-ground delivery of works and programs, turning solutions into realities.

We invest in projects and programs that renew and transform suburban places, while supporting local job creation. Examples include:

  • better bike and pedestrian links to shops and services
  • landscaping projects to beautify and keep public places cool
  • pop-up parks near shops and cafes
  • upgraded community hubs and facilities
  • youth jobs and skills programs, and
  • community-led events.

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