Government's Response to 2019 Advice

The 2019 Report Backs provide a snapshot of the six Metropolitan Partnerships’ 2019 advice, its engagement with local communities and our response.

The reports demonstrate the value created by the Metropolitan Partnerships' efforts in engaging with their regions and advocating to government for their needs.

It also demonstrates how government is changing the way it works, and engages with the communities it serves.

Metropolitan Partnerships 2019 Video

The Metropolitan Partnerships 2019 video is an overview of the program's successes, achievements and hopes to date.

Watch the video

Engagement throughout 2019

This year, the Metropolitan Partnerships are taking a more tailored approach to their engagement. Building from the priority areas identified in community assemblies in 2017 and 2018, the Partnerships are holding targeted engagement events from August to October 2019. You can help shape your community by registering for the 2019 event in your region and online consultation through the Engage Victoria Website. The results of this engagement will inform Partnership advice and seek to further shape their local communities. Visit the Metropolitan Partnership pages on Engage Victoria to find out more

Metropolitan Partnerships Youth Forum in 2018

In May 2018 the Metropolitan Partnerships heard from young people 15 - 19 years of age about what's important as a young person living, working and studying in Melbourne.

Students and young people from schools and youth organisations across each of Melbourne's six regions were invited to attend the first Metropolitan Partnerships Youth Forum at the State Library of Victoria to share their priorities and ideas for their region.

Read the 2018 Metropolitan Partnerships Youth Forum report and watch some of the highlights to find out what young people had to say about their experience of Melbourne's regions and their ideas for maintaining and improving liveability in their community.

The process in 2017

In 2017, an assembly was held by each Metropolitan Partnerships, bringing together community members, businesses, councillors and mayors to help determine the key priorities for Melbourne's six metropolitan regions.

The Partnerships took on board the ideas from the assemblies to formulate their independent advice to Government. Submitted to Cabinet by the Minister for Suburban Development, the advice is informing key government decision-making processes, and helping to deliver better outcomes for the community.

The outcome of this advice was reported back to the community at the 2018 Metropolitan Partnership assemblies and through Engage Victoria.

Inner Metro Assembly 2017

Help shape a positive future for your community

To share the issues and priorities important to you, click on the map above to visit your region’s Partnership page, and email your thoughts and ideas to your Metropolitan Partnership.

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