The Metropolitan Partnerships held a series of three online engagements to explore some of the key themes shaping the future of Melbourne city and suburbs.

Each of these events opened with panel discussions by subject-matter experts, followed by regionally-based breakouts where participants shared local insights from their parts of Melbourne.

Melbourne and the suburbs: Recovery, resilience, and our re-imagined future

On Friday 12 November, the Partnerships brought together more than 100 Melburnians to explore the future of metropolitan Melbourne in a two-hour online engagement.

The event opened with a panel discussion facilitated by Richard Bowman, Partner, EY, where attendees heard from:

  • Jude Munro AO, Board Chair, Victorian Planning Authority
  • Paul Guerra, CEO, Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Todd Fernando, Victorian Commissioner for LGBTIQ+ Communities
  • Lucinda Hartley, Founding Director, Neighbourlytics

Panellists discussed economic recovery, Melbourne as a polycentric city, digital transformation and accessibility, social equity and inclusion, remote work and living hyper locally.

Attendees moved into regionally based breakout discussions in the second hour of the event, sharing local perspectives on the re-imagined futures of their suburbs.

Jobs and skills: Emerging economies and pathways to employment for young and old

On Friday 26 November 2021, the Partnerships set out to understand the jobs and skills that will deliver Melbourne's economic recovery and ongoing resilience.

Matt Lovegrove, Partner, EY, facilitated a panel discussion with:

  • Dr Marcus Spiller, Principal and Partner, SGS Economics & Planning
  • Corinne Proske, CEO, Jobsbank
  • Judy Anderson, CEO, Startup Victoria
  • Craig Robertson, CEO, Victorian Skills Authority

Panellists discussed new skillsets for new economies, addressing gaps in existing or essential workforces, and how our communities and businesses benefit from clear pathways that lead to jobs and training opportunities.

Attendees then participated in regionally-based breakout discussions to contribute local perspectives from Melbourne's regions.

Inclusive and diverse communities: Learning and supporting social cohesion

On Friday 10 December 2021, the Partnerships brought together Melburnians to discuss diversity and inclusion in our suburbs.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to face some difficult realities and taught us lessons about supporting diverse communities across our regions. 

As neighbours supported neighbours, and people strove to maintain connections in creative ways, it’s also brought together local communities.

The focus of the conversation was "Let’s talk about what we’ve learned about engaging and supporting Melbourne’s many diverse communities... and where to from here."

Jen Sharpe, Founder and Director, Think HQ, facilitated a panel discussion with:

  • Nicole Battle, CEO, Neighbourhood Houses Victoria
  • Chris Christoforou, Director of Operations, Yoorrook Justice Commission
  • Tasneem Chopra OAM, Cross-cultural Consultant
  • Rob Hyatt, Manager of Education and Programs, Koorie Heritage Trust

Page last updated: 13/12/22