A ‘Peace and Harmony’ road mural in Noble Park is giving the Ukrainian community a renewed sense of national identity and unity.

For  more than 60 years Ukrainians have played an important role in the rich multiculturalism of Noble Park. Now thanks to the Noble Park Suburban Revitalisation Board, a significant mural has been created to recognise their culture and strong connection to the community.

‘Noble Park holds a special place in many Ukrainians’ hearts. It’s where it all began - where people went to Ukrainian Saturday School and later sent their children. It’s where they learnt about their culture, language and traditions,’ says Liana Slipetsky.

Liana is the President of the Noble Park Branch of the Association of Ukrainians in Victoria.

‘The Peace and Harmony Road mural is now a physical symbol of connection to the Ukrainian homeland in the heart of Noble Park.’

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Page last updated: 02/02/24