The Delivery Coordination program work in partnerships to ensure planning and delivery of infrastructure, services and economic development is coordinated and customised to the needs of Melbourne’s regions and suburbs.

Projects range from complete urban revitalisation and integrated community health hubs to upgrading of education and learning facilities and recreational nature trails.

Partners include federal and state government departments, state government partners, local government authorities and philanthropic and non-government organisations.

Where we work

Warburton Healesville Lilydale EASTERN Werribee Melton WESTERN INNER SOUTH EAST Melbourne INNER METRO Rosebud Dandenong Frankston SOUTHERN Sunbury Whittlesea NORTHERN

Northern Region

Broadmeadows Urban Revitalisation

Broadmeadows Urban Revitalisation project is a $ 30.5m package of infrastructure initiatives to catalyse the revitalisation of Broadmeadows. Seven precinct development projects will significantly stimulate investment in the Broadmeadows Metropolitan Activity Centre activating major state government, Hume City Council, VicTrack and VicRoads land holdings in Broadmeadows for the development of housing demonstration sites, office and commercial floor space, premium public open space and a multi-deck carpark.

Partners include the Office for Suburban Development, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, VicTrack, VicRoads and Hume City Council.

Eastern Region

Yarra Ranges Trail

The new Trail will connect with the iconic Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail, as well as local townships between Lilydale, Yarra Glen, Healesville and Warburton.

Partners include the Yarra Ranges Council, landowners including VicTrack, Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria, VicRoads and Office for Suburban Development.

Southern Region

Frankston Revitalisation

The Project will unlock and consolidate Frankston City Council, government and privately owned land in Frankston which will activate Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre.

Western Region

Footscray Learning Precinct

The Footscray Learning Precinct will expand and upgrade learning spaces and bring together early childhood education, primary and secondary schools, Victoria University (VU), Maribyrnong City Council (MCC) and other community and business stakeholders to deliver opportunities for world class education and improved community outcomes in the inner west.

Partners include the Department of Education and Training, VicRoads, Maribyrnong City Council, Victoria University, the local community, the private sector and the Office for Suburban Development.

Inner South East Region

Marine Education Science and Community Centre – Beaumaris

The Marine Education Science and Community Centre (MESAC) provides opportunities for the public and Victorian schools to engage in activities that raise awareness of marine environmental issues and informed discussions about how we treat our oceans, seas, bays, estuaries and beaches.

Partners include the Bayside City Council, Office for Suburban Development, Department of Education and Training, Beaumaris Yacht Club and the local community.

Inner Metropolitan Region

Youth Mental Health

Participating councils:

Melbourne, Port Phillip and Yarra

Delivery partner:

Department of Health and Human Services

Other project partners:

Department of Education and Training

Department of Premier and Cabinet

Project description:

Investigates gaps into mental health services for young people. For full details see attached report :

Page last updated: 11/10/20