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Join a Metropolitan Partnership

Are you interested in bringing the voice of community into the heart of government decision making?

The Metropolitan Partnerships is government’s pre-eminent program for community engagement in metropolitan Melbourne.

There are nine vacancies for new members in the Partnerships with applications being extended until Friday 28 February 2020.

We are seeking community and business leaders who represent the voice of their regions on a range of issues.

As a member of the refugee community, having come to Australia as a refugee, and then having lived through that experience,  that was another driving factor for me to become a part of the Partnership. Shabnam Safa - Southern Metropolitan Partnership member.

The Partnerships encourage diverse voices to apply including young people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people living with a disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and LGBTIQ communities.

If you are passionate about working collaboratively to make positive change in your community, visit Get on Board for more information.

Meet Shabnam Safa

What drove Shabnam Safa to make the Southern Metropolitan Partnerships part of her life?

Shabnam Safa has achieved so much. She represented Australia at the UN, was a Victorian karate champion and co-founded the Noor Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that helps newly arrived refugees and migrants settle in Australia. And all of this by the time she was 21.

Today, Shabnam works for the Centre of Multicultural Youth and a speaker for South Out, an agency that nurtures young people to tell their stories of migrant and refugee backgrounds.

So, what drives such a busy and prominent community leader to be part of a new and emerging government program that offers an ear to government decision making? Shabnam tells us.

Currently, I study and work in the community sector as a youth leadership officer with newly arrived, young, refugee, migrant, young people.

As a member of the refugee community and having come to Australia as a refugee - having lived through that experience – it was another driving factor for me to become a part of the Partnership.

I had to make sure that the youth voice that I bring is representative of all youth communities. I speak on different issues that affect young people, and not just young people.

So, what is it about the southern region that made her apply to become a member of the Metropolitan Partnership?

What I love about the southern region specifically is that if you feel like just getting in the car (and) out of the hustle bustle of the city and into the nature, you don't have to go that far.

It's not just the diversity of the community. It's not just the diversity of people, in the region, that make it so great.

How did you find out about the Metropolitan Partnerships?

I found out about the Partnerships online. It sounded interesting but also, something that had great potential. I applied for it and to my surprise, I got selected.

What would you say to anyone considering being part of the Metropolitan Partnerships?

Learn. Achieve. Give back and leave an impact is the ethos of the Noor Foundation. It’s what I thought of when I applied and recommend others do too.

Page last updated: 27/02/20