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Are you interested in bringing the voice of community into the heart of government decision making?

The Metropolitan Partnerships is government’s pre-eminent program for community engagement in metropolitan Melbourne.

There are nine vacancies for new members in the Partnerships with applications being extended until Friday 28 February 2020.

We are seeking community and business leaders who represent the voice of their regions on a range of issues.

I thought this was a unique way to take my professional hat off and share my insights and information as a community member. Jacqueline Galloway - Metropolitan Partnership member.

The Partnerships encourage diverse voices to apply including young people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people living with a disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and LGBTIQ communities.

If you are passionate about working collaboratively to make positive change in your community, visit Get on Board for more information.

Partners in law

Jacqueline Galloway is the Chief Executive Officer CEO of Peninsula Community Legal Centre and a member of the Southern Metropolitan Partnerships. She speaks about being a member and the benefits and opportunities it provides.

Hello Jacqueline. Jobs and skills are two of the top priorities for the Metropolitan Partnerships. I read that you started at the legal centre as a work experience student?

Yes, that’s true! I've been working for the Legal Centre for 21 years. I'm incredibly passionate about ensuring that our community members get access to justice and access to support services.

Employment is one theme we have discussed at the partnership and a common issue at the legal centre.

The mission statement of PCLC states, ‘To empower and support disadvantaged and vulnerable people…’ Is this part of what drew you to become a member?

In my professional role, I do a lot of advocacy, and work with government on a lot of issues.

When I read about the work of the Southern Metropolitan Partnership and saw the ad calling for applications, I thought this was a unique way to take my professional hat off and share my insights and information as a community member.

Being a member holds challenges and rewards - how do your priorities reflect those of the Metropolitan Partnerships?

I've found it incredibly helpful for both me professionally and personally. My aim was to understand the bigger picture of what is planned for our regions and suburbs, rather than just what you experience when you live in it yourself.

The challenge is that it takes a long time to build relationships, and to gain an understanding of what people's roles are. In learning how we all interconnect, we build the path toward realising our shared objectives.

We're (the members) all likeminded individuals who are open to being creative, thinking outside the box and looking broadly at all issues. My fellow members provide valuable insights and information that the Partnerships need and that makes me feel good.

The Southern Metropolitan top priorities align to the work we (at the Peninsula Community Legal Centre) do. I am proud of the work (of the partnership) and look forward to the outcomes of the advice the partnerships presented to government.

You’re the CEO of a large legal centre with oversight of several teams - what would you say to those who think they’re too busy to join?

I'd say it's been a really rewarding experience. Sometimes it's taking that time out of your incredibly busy schedule, but the payback is that it's really rewarding.

The partner members are the representative voice of our region. The themes they bring to the table and things we discuss are crucial issues for our region. I think if you believe you have something to give to this discussion, at least take a look at the application and think about joining.

Page last updated: 20/02/20